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How Many Calories in An Egg,Egg Calories

How many calories in an egg, egg calories


How many calories in an egg?This might be a question a person does not normally ask every day.  However, if you are keen in keeping a he

althy weight or you are in a special diet or on a weight loss program,how many calories in an egg? this question is essential since eggs are usually integrated in many of the foods we eat today. Many recipes have eggs as one of their basic ingredient. A lot of people might be ingesting much more than what is the recommended daily calorie-intake for them, without realizing it. Thus, it is exigent for us to know the exact count of how many calories in an egg, to be able to determine the entire calorie intake for the day from all other recipes we indulged in throughout the day. Besides egg calories, an egg contains many other nutrients and minerals such as protein, cholein, cholesterol, Vitamin D, amino acid, vitamin B, A & E, phosphorus and iron which are essential to achieve good health.How many calories in an egg?

The facts about egg calories- How many calories in an egg


You already know how many calories in a banana. How many calories in an egg? However, a hefty-sized raw egg that can be categorized as grade A in egg size standards holds about 74 calories. However, this number varies and could reach to about 100 calories depending on how the egg is cook. When you cook the egg without mixing anything to it, the number of calories in an egg might not dramatically change. However, if you scramble an egg, it would probably yield a  much higher calorie count because of the other ingredients that you will have to mix it with such as onions (64 cal), the skim milk (80 cal) and butter or margarine (100 cal).  Majority of the calories in an egg is found in the egg yolk, which has about 58 calories while calories in egg whites is about 16 calories. A poached and hard-boiled egg contains the same 76 calories while a fried egg has about 92 calories (due to the butter or oil used in frying).


how many calories in an egg
egg yolk egg whites hard-boiled egg fried egg
58 cal 16 cal 76 cal 92 cal


Significance- How many calories in an egg


How many calories in an egg?Knowing low calories in an egg, a typical adult who wants to maintain his healthy weight or wants to lose some of it would benefit a lot from consuming eggs, especially during mornings. This is because the protein in eggs would help us feel still satiated long after other people who consumed other foods for breakfast, are already experiencing hunger pangs. Besides, how many calories in an egg would be a good addition to the required 1500 to 2500 daily calorie intake. Recent studies have yielded that consuming an egg during breakfast helped many weight-loss dieters lose their fats faster because of its health benefits.

How many calories in an egg? Calories actually play a very significant role in losing weight.  Determining how much calories a particular food contains therefore is exigent in monitoring your calorie ingestion. Knowing how many calories in an egg therefore is a great tool in planning out your daily diet to help you achieve the weight you desire. This is especially significant when you are in an HCG Diet Program, wherein calorie intake is limited to just about 500 to 700 calories a day.How many calories in an egg?

How many calories in an egg? Knowing how much calories goes into your body therefore is a constant struggle to be able to sustain the program. The calorie deficiency in this kind of weight-loss program is supplemented by the body’s own reserve energy in its fatty deposits. Nevertheless, calorie intake is closely monitored and the limit is strictly adhered to during the three phases of the diet plan.

Alternatives- How many calories in an egg

how many calories in an egg

How many calories in an egg? If you are already obtaining your calorie requirement from other favorite healthy foods instead of calories in eggs, you might do well to opt for alternatives in ingesting eggs, without totally giving it up. You can minimize the how many calories in an egg you will consume by just using three egg whites and just one yoke in your scrambled egg. You can further decrease the calorie count by substituting the milk with water. Although you might find milk to be a more suitable ingredient to make your scrambled eggs with since water makes the egg paler in color but feathery in texture. You can also opt to have your eggs scrambled or poached to make way for lesser consumption of how many calories in an egg. If you want the benefits of an egg without exposing yourself to eggs that might be tainted with bacteria, you can opt for the powdered egg that you can buy at supermarkets. It gives you the same amount of nutrients and vitamins as well as the same great taste minus the effort of cracking and scrambling eggs.

Reminders- How many calories in an egg


Knowing how many calories in an egg is as important as determining the other healthful as well as unhealthy risks that eggs might give you. Eggs are among the few foods that has vitamin D and choline. Moreover, it is a rich source of other minerals and vitamins which are all essential to the smooth operation of your body. However, improper handling such as using cracked eggs that have been contaminated with salmonella and other bacteria might pose health risk to you and your family. Eating raw eggs is not also highly recommended by doctors since it poses risk to your health, especially if your stomach is not that healthy to withstand the after effects of bacteria-tainted eggs. Inspecting for any cracks and washing the eggs is a good practice to take up in your kitchen area. Now you know how many calories in an egg.

Learning about how many calories in an egg and egg calories


How many calories in an egg?At this juncture, you might already have a very good idea of the importance of calories in maintaining or losing weight and knowing how many calories in an egg. Since eggs are an integral ingredient of a variety of menus, it is just wise to keep track of the number of eggs in a particular recipe so you could calculate accurately the how many calories in an egg you ingested from it as well as from the other ingredients. Based on the data you have gathered, you can now plan your meal according to what should you be consuming. It would also be for your own good if you would also keep track of the other minerals and nutrients that you obtain from an egg. Although there is no study that can prove that the cholesterol that you obtain from consuming an egg poses risk to your health, nonetheless it is prudent to keep your consumption in check. It pays to be cautious and prudent in whatever we indulge in.

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