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How Many Calories in An Apple, Apple Calories

How many calories in an apple? According to some calorie counters, a small one with skin has 77 calories in an apple, a medium appl

e with skin has 95 calories, and a large apple with skin has 116 calories. On the other hand, the amount of calories decrease if an apple is taken without its skin. A small apple without skin has 63 calories, a medium apple without skin has 77 calories, and a large apple without skin has 104 calories. While the calories decrease, the nutrition amount also decreases when an apple is taken without its skin. As research shows, calories in an apple are low in calories whether it is small, medium, or large. It also does not contain saturated fats or cholesterol that is why this fruit is popular to weight conscious individuals.How many calories in an apple is a really common question.

How many calories in an apple, apple calories

How many calories in an apple? Although it adds to the calories in an apple, the skin of an apple is said to be more nutritious than its flesh. The apple skin is the source of fiber, pectin, and enzyme where the nutrition comes from. But it is always a must to wash the apple properly before enjoying it with its red, green, or yellow skin.

How many calories in an apple? With or without skin, there are many ways to satisfy one’s craving for apples. One can enjoy eating it fresh with its skin, cut it into small pieces and put in fruit salad, or make a shake out of it to satisfy one’s thirst.  The benefits of apples are outweighing the relatively small number of calories in an apple.

how many calories in an apple
a small apple a mediam apple a large apple
63 calories 77 calories 105 calories


Health Benefits – how many calories in an apple

How many calories in an apple?You may have the question about how many calories in an apple. With the long list of health benefits an apple has, we can be sure that the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true. This delicious, crunchy, juicy, and ready-to-eat healthy fruit is very beneficial from its flesh to its skin.

How many calories in an apple?On the contrary to some traditional stories that cost Adam and Eve their lives, an apple which is believed to be the “forbidden fruit” in the Garden of Eden can actually protect us from many types of diseases. The very attractive and mouthwatering fruit that took Snow White’s life can help us maintain a healthy and long life.

How many calories in an apple? Besides low calories in an apple, here are some health benefits that we can get from apples according to research. Apples are rich in dietary fiber that is why people who try to lose weight and those who have problems with bowel movements include them on their diet. Apples are also a source of vitamin A which helps us maintain a healthy skin and teeth and promotes good vision. Another health benefit of apples is that they are filled with vitamin C which strengthens the immune system. Rich in flavonoid and polyphenols, apples are great antioxidants. They can also help lower the cholesterol level. Regardless of how many calories in an apple, apples can protect us from many life threatening diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer and diabetes.

Apple Varieties – How many calories in an apple?


How many calories in an apple?Calories in an apple differs as there are many kinds of apples in the world. Some of these are Red Delicious apples which has a deep red color, thick skin and bitter taste, the Honey Crisp apples which has sweet taste, the Granny Smith apples which has green color and can be stored for about six months, and the Ambrosia apples which does not easily turn brown when cut in slices. There are also Golden apples, Swiss Gourmet apples, Spartan apples, and Empire apples.

How many calories in an apple? Now that we’ve mentioned some of the health benefits of an and its kinds, figure conscious individuals may also want to find out how many calories in an apple which is this fist-size healthy snack.

How many calories in an apple?For those who are trying to count their calorie intake and want to know the amount of calorie an apple has, it is best to consider its size and whether you are eating it with or without skin. The type of apple can also be considered very slightly.

Apple Calories – How many calories are in an apple


how many calories in an apple

How many calories in an apple?Apples are often used as an alternative to the calorie packed candy bar or soda pop because they can give people that have a sweet tooth the quick fix they need.  Eating an apple rather than a candy bar greatly reduces the number of calories consumed.  Similar as calories in a banana, the calories in an apple are also much healthier because they are all natural and also because they don’t come from fats and cholesterol like the calories in a candy bar.  Apples also help people reduce the amount of food they eat, unlike candy bars.

How many calories in an apple is not a big issue. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone needs calories in their diet and it’s unhealthy to cut them out completely.  Adding an apple or two to the average diet can actually result in less calories consumed overall that day.  This is because the fiber in the apple helps people feel fuller for a longer period of time.  Since they feel fuller they are less likely to eat more and also calories in an apple is low.  This is why many dietitians will suggest eating an apple about a half hour before any meal.  This will oftentimes result in the person eating smaller portions and even cooking healthier because they are not as hungry and just cooking something quickly.  

Conclusion – How Many Calories In An Apple


How many calories in an apple? Overall apples are a very healthy snack for anyone, whether they are trying to watch their weight or not.  People should try to get the majority of their daily caloric intake from healthy sources like apples rather than unhealthy snacks. Already knowing that how many calories in an apple, why not run down to the super market now, or better yet a local apple orchard to grab a nice fresh apple to enjoy and feel confident that this delicious snack is also great for you!

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