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Chicken Breast Calories,Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

Chicken breast calories - chicken breast nutrition facts


Many of us actually eat chicken meat almost every day of our lives. Especially those who love to eat at fast foods many would be ingesting chicken legs or wings with their regular meal. Others only concern about this chicken meat meals are not eating the skin since it is suppose to yield high level of cholesterol. Many of us failed to realize that if we only take the time to count the chicken breast calories we have taken in, we would perhaps be alarmed by the data.

Counting calories – chicken breast calories,chicken breast nutrition facts


Experts say that chicken breast calories for an average size steamed chicken meat would total to about 195 calories. The manner of preparing the meat as well as the ingredients mixed with it will influence the total amount of calories in such a dish. Thus, a fried chicken breast would amount to 305 calories while a grilled chicken breast will have an estimated 212 calories. Both of these chicken breasts would be about 3 oz. each. Chicken breast calories however would be lesser if it is skinless meat since fats are stored in this part. Less cholesterol therefore is tantamount to lesser calories.


chicken breast calories
per serving steamed chicken breast grilled chicken breast fried chicken breast
calories 195 212 305


One of the most common meats today is from dressed chicken. If you love to each chicken meat, then you must know that some of its body parts contain more calories than the other parts. It is also an undeniable fact that some parts of the chicken are tastier to ingest thus the vulnerability of taking in more calories than what’s necessary. Chicken breast calories are something that is worth looking into considering the massive growth of consumption with the booming fast food industry like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Grilled chicken breast – chicken breast calories,chicken breast nutrition facts


Chicken breast calories are most found from chicken skins. Without chicken skins, to a level of surprise, the calories in a grilled chicken breast calories is not very high. In accomapny with fresh vegetables and organic potatoes, the recipe is very enjoyable, and most of all, you don't need to take extra exercises and  feel inguity. 

Calorie is a unit of energy used to measure food energy which a person consumes when he eats food. To be able to do its job well, the body needs energy which it obtains through the food we eat. When we eat too much than what our bodies need, these food energy are stored in our bodies as fats, for use in later times. When we keep doing this, storing unused food energy, overtime we will find our self ballooning. Thus, we need to monitor the food we eat and how much calories it amounts to, to help us keep track.

Vigilant monitoring – Chicken breast calories,chicken breast nutrition facts

chicken breast calories,chicken breast nutrition facts

Counting calories that you ingest from the food you eat might take too much of your time. However, if you will understand the impact of calories in your weight, especially if you are trying to lose it, then you will know how important the role of a calorie plays in our whole body weight. Knowing the varied ways of cooking a chicken meat would also help you minimize the calorie intake without jeopardizing the nutrition your body requires. You should bear in mind that even the preparation and cooking of the food will have some bearing on the total calorie count it will yield. Chicken breast calories need not be a source of major worry for you if you are vigilant about it.

Now, you are an expert who knows calories in chicken breast calories and chicken breast nutrition facts. You may also want to learn how many calories in a banana, thanks!


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