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Calories in Shrimp

Calories in Shrimp – facts about shrimp calories

Shrimp is a very popular seafood choice that offers a great amount o


protein and at the same time great for people in diet, because it is low in calories. It is one of the expensive seafood so for many. It is not an ideal everyday meal, but instead they have it only during special occasions. But definitely, it’s something worth including in diets.

Shrimp nutrition facts – Calories in shrimp

calories in shrimpPer 100 grams, the calories in shrimp (raw) are 71, and the calories in one medium shrimp (or equivalent to 6gr) are 4. Per 100 grams, the calories in shrimp (breaded and fried) are 242, and the calories in one large shrimp (7.5gr, also breaded or fried) are 18. For steamed shrimps, per 100 grams, the calories in shrimp are 119, and one medium shrimp (steamed, 5.5gr) has calories of 7.

So generally, shrimp is a low fat, low calorie, low carbohydrate but high protein food. But if we fry them, the calories in shrimp increases, as compared to healthy cooking like steaming or something like that.

Many people avoid shrimp because they are high in cholesterol. But still they should be a part of healthy diets because they offer a lot of essential nutrients. Eating them in moderation is the best option as always.

Nutritrion facts - Calories in shrimp 

One of the main nutrients that you will get in a shrimp is tryptophan, of course aside from high protein. Additionally, you’ll get selenium, vitamin B12, iron, vitamin D, zinc and phosphorous when eating shrimps. So it’s actually a good alternative to those who do not want to eat red meat in their diet. In addition, shrimps are also known to raise the levels of good cholesterol in our body more than the bad cholesterols, so it’s not really a major threat to your health as others are thinking. Shrimps are also known to be cancer fighter because of its selenium content. It helps in repairing damaged cells and reduces the spread of cancer cells.

Nutritrion facts – Calories in shrimp

Buy fresh shrimps as much as possible just like any other seafood,. One way to determine if it is still fresh is its smell. If it does smell strong or has a bad odor then it is not fresh anymore. Also, always make sure you put shrimp in a cold storage, preferably in a freezer after purchasing it. Enjoy it in a variety of ways: as appetizers, in salads, added into stir fries or any other ways, it’s up to you.

In burning the calories in shrimp, we can try weight lifting, walking, jogging, or light house cleaning for a few minutes.

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