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Calories in pizza

Calories in Pizza

Pizza, definitely, is one of the favorite foods of people all over the world today. Shakey’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Little Caesars, Papa John's & Pizza are just some of the most popular pizza restaurants that have branches all over the world. There are a lot of flavors of pizza- cheese, pepperoni, sausage, meat, veggie, spinach Alfredo, and a lot more. Their famous ingredients include most of the time meat, bacon, pepperoni, mushroom, cheese, onions, oil, olive, pineapples, sausage, tomato, and other vegetables. Every now and then (well, not everyday), having pizza is good for us and our taste buds. The good news is, pizza has a high content of selenium, has no or little sugar, and the cholesterol content is not high.


Common question – How many calories in pizza?

Truly, pizza is one of the most tempting and mouth watering food the world has to offer. Many of us want to know one thing, how many calories are in a pizza? Pizza comes in a variety of sizes and of course a variety of different flavors. So determining how many calories in pizza is not at all that simple. We have to consider a lot of factors to determine pizza calories and these includes: the pizza size (large, medium, small, or some measure it through inch), the amount of toppings in the pizza itself, what kind of toppings the pizza has, the type of base that was used for the pizza, and also the brand of the pizza.

How many calories in a slice of pizza – calories in pizza?

For an original crust cheese pizza (14 inches), for 1 oz. of pizza, there are 75 calories in pizza, for 1 slice of pizza (approximately 4 oz),there are 299 calories in pizza, 1 gram of pizza has 3 calories and 1 whole pizza ( 1 lb.) has 2389 calories. For thin crust cheese pizzas, 1 oz. of pizza has 86 calories, 1 slice of pizza (approximately 2.2 oz.) has 192 calories, 1 gram of pizza has 3 calories and 1 whole pizza (1 lb.) has 1906 calories.


How many calories in pizza hut pizza – Calories in pizza

How many calories in pizza? For Pizza Hut, according to their website, a slice of medium pizza has 180 calories (thin crust), 200 calories for hand tossed crust and 230 calories for a pan pizza. If you buy a large pizza, the calorie range per slice will start with 240 calories thin crust and up to 330 calories for the pan pizza. That’s huge!


Caution – Calories in pizza

calories in pizzaSo remember when you buy pizzas, whether from the restaurants or supermarkets, check out how many calories are there in the pizza, by looking in the nutritional information located on the box of the pizza. Pizza in general has high calories though it really tastes good. The thicker the crust, the higher the cheese. The more toppings you have, the more calories you take.

If you are on a diet and you love pizza, knowing the calories in pizza is always a must. A good amount of knowledge of the calories in pizza will allow you to trim the size of the slices you eat and enjoy. Always remember, you are what you eat! Happy eating and always enjoy your delicious pizza! Don’t forget to exercise, walk, jog or run after eating your favorite pizza.


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