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Calories in Blueberries,Blueberries Calories

Calories in blueberries, blueberries calories


 Blueberries are one of the most nutritious and very tasty berries in the world. Identified by its bluish-black hue, it is a rich source for vitamin C and the nutrient element of Manganese. You can readily eat it fresh or cooked or mixed it up in cakes and other desserts. When taken raw and fresh, it provides such a tangy taste that would definitely make you crave for more. Blueberries are best taken raw since it is at its tastiest and gives the most health-benefits.

Nutrion Facts- Calories in blueberries, blueberries calories


Besides the low calories in blueberries,the good thing about this fruit is that it has very low sodium at 1 mg and saturated fat of about 1% with practically no cholesterol. This nutritional fact is based on one cup of blackberries which is roughly about 145.0 grams. It has about 1.1g of protein, 14.4 gram of sugar, 21.0 grams of carbohydrates and dietary fiber of 3.5grams. There are 83 calories in blueberries in a cup. This is rather an insignificant amount which would not adversely affect your calorie-regulating diet.

Apart from blueberries calories, the nutrional content in blueberries is magical: blueberries contain tannins and anthocyanins, which prevent, to a certain extent, even reverse the mental decline of aging and the possibilities in happenings of cancer.

Delicious food-  Calories in blueberries, blueberries calories


You can add blueberries on top of  frozen yogurt, or mix them in fresh salads. A very in interesting thing of blueberries is experts disclaim that the best way to intake blueberries calories, however, is to eat fresh blueberries in a natrual form. Organic blueberries have been considered to contain high density of antioxidant, while frozen blueberries wouldn't maintain the nutritions, although the calories in blueberries would diminish.  

Most popular fruit- Calories in blueberries, blueberries calories


Blueberries are considered as being second to strawberries in popularity in the United States. However, it has been identified repeatedly by U.S. Diet as being the number one amongst all fruits, vegetables and even spices, to have the most antioxidant elements such as anthocyanin. Aside from calories in blueberries, it contains other antioxidant elements such as Phenol. Antioxidants are what help us fights against free radicals that can harm our cellular structures. Thus, if you want to maintain a youthful facial glow, getting a lot of blueberries in your system will help your body fight off these bad elements which causes other people to age quicker.  The calories in blueberries on the other hand is not that significant to warrant any worries regarding ingesting too much of it. However, it is high in sugar content although further studies have been found that it actually helps regulate the blood circulation of a person who is suffering from a type 2 diabetes.

Improve memory – Calories in blueberries, blueberries calories


calories in blueberries, blueberries caloriesRecent studies revealed that consuming blueberries actually helps improve our memories. It helps the body improves the cognitive function of a person’s mind, enabling him to develop sharper memory. Moreover, it was also found to help delay the onset of age-related cognitive memory diseases that affects older people. Consuming lots of blueberries therefore in their truest form or in juice will help attain these aforementioned effects without worrying about any side effects at all. For those people who are losing weight, consuming this kind of fruits in large volume will actually help their diet plan since it will provide you the necessary healthy dosage of calories in blueberries without worrying of having ingested too much.

Sugar regulator – Calories in blueberries, blueberries calories

Blueberries, aside from its being a great help in the regulation of blood sugar level in type 2 diabetes also provides maximum advantages when you ingest the organically grown variety. Organically-grown blueberries have been found to have higher concentration of antioxidant elements although calories in blueberries have not been found to be diminished in this kind of variety. Freezing them however would somehow reduce its calorie-content but not enough as to warrant not refrigerating it all.

Now, you are an expert who knows calories in blueberries and blueberries nutrition facts. You may also want to learn how many calories in an apple, thanks!


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