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Calories in a Banana? Don’t EAT Banana Until See the SECRETS of calories in a banana and products

Calories in a Banana? Knowing The Calories in a Banana and Banana Products

You may not be aware but a banana may actually contain a significant number of calories. The usual number of calories in a banana is actually about 75 to 120 and it will still depend upon the type and the size of course. If you are to consider the banana together with other ingredients that are mostly including sweets for different pastries and bread products, the calories will definitely be higher. The calories in a banana bread actually contains about 200 already.  Come to think of it, in this type of banana product, you just tend to add some baking ingredients like flour and eggs and you already get highly increased calories. If you are going to consider other banana pastries and breads, you can also be able to get almost the same number of calories as well ranging from 200 to even greater amounts.

Calories in a Banana Bread 120 calories per muffin
Calories in a Banana Muffin 100 calories per oz.
Calories in a Banana Pudding   25 calories per serving


The Need To Know The Calories In A Banana

Many of you have been enjoying banana pastries without actually being aware of what really are the calories in a banana bread, calories in a banana muffin, calories in a banana pudding and among other pastries. Determining the calories in these different banana products is truly essential when it comes to keeping a well balanced diet. You might not be aware but these simple pastries made of banana can actually contain a lot more calories than what you expect. This is a very important consideration for those who are watching on their diets especially those who have wanted to lose a lot of weight and those who actually have metabolic disorders that can be damaging to one’s health like diabetes. Knowing the calories in different banana products is very beneficial in maintaining one’s health.

You should truly be aware of the amount that you could be able to see the calories in a banana product. You might think that just because the pastries are already made up of bananas, it would already mean that you have low caloric content because the products are made up of a fruit. That is definitely a wrong thinking. You should consider all the other ingredients that might be included in the banana products because those can truly add up to the loads of calories.

Calories in a Banana – How Calorie Monitoring  Helps You

calories in a banana breadTaking a careful look into the caloric content of different banana bread products can definitely make you aware of how much banana products are you only supposed to take. With this you can be aware that banana is not only a good source of potassium but it can also be a good source of calories or simply stated energy for you. Calories are good for the body as they are the main source of energy as it is processed during times when the body undergoes its normal activities. It is good for the body as long as you take it in rightful amounts. You may not be aware but if you take too much of these calories, you can definitely be prone to accumulating more fats in your body that are definitely difficult to burn. Excess calorie can eventually turn out into those unwanted fats that can keep you from maintaining a fit body.  With the knowledge of the number of calories in a banana pastry and calories in a banana bread, you could be able to monitor your intake, making sure that you simply get the right number of calories that you need.

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